Cortina, inside a fairy tale

The family holiday home very close to the sea is set against the backdrop of one of the most beautiful and fascinating mountain landscapes, Cortina d'Ampezzo.

Cortina is the starting point for the story of a home of great value, just a few steps from the famous hotel that has hosted over its many years of history famous persons such as Tolstoy, D' Annunzio, Sinatra and Peter Sellers as well as the extraordinary Vittorio De Sica and Alberto Sordi during the filming of Il conte Max (Count Max), and immersed in a landscape that can surprise you, then enchant you, then silence you. And Cortina is also enclosed inside this home, in an environment that pieces together the inspiring work of many skilled and sought after professionals in the area: the ability of Architect Ambra Piccin to redesign spaces and revive locations; the artistic ability of maestro Paolo Barozzi; the artistic work of Andrea Alberti, engraver and sculptor.

Crossing the entrance threshold, the heady scent of the wood is draws you into this warm and inviting environment. The pivotal point for access to the many rooms of the house is the large central hall that becomes one with the large terrace and the stunning views of the Cortina valley. The mixture of profoundly unequal styles renders it so unique. The accessories and furnishings have different stories and different origins: pieces dating back to times long gone, purchased at prestigious antique auctions across Europe, elements drawn from the local tradition of Ampezzo and choices which betray the Mediterranean origins of the owners. In all, life in this stunning home seems to assume the guise of a fairy tale. And a fairy tale is in fact the dominant element and the common thread throughout the various rooms of the house: painted next to the beds covered in plush puppets or behind the sofas in the living room.

Since time immemorial, in the heart of the Dolomites, the Ladin people have passed on the memory of the ancient kingdom of Fanes . The legend tells of a warrior princess, Dolosilla, beautiful daughter of the greedy and corrupt King of Fanes who shall betray her and his people in his quest for power. The tragic finale marks the death of the brave girl and the defeat of the people of Fanes, while the king, having understood his misdeeds, turns into stone, guilty of being a "false king". Even today you can see Falzarego (fauza rego or "false king"), at the foot of Mount Lagazuoi.

In this dream home, inside the tale, time seems to stand still, while the windows exhibit the magnificent landscape of Ampezzo in perpetual flux.

The Vimar products integrate seamlessly with the elaborate aesthetic and functional association of the house. Manifested in the design of the Idea series, there is no single shape or colour but adaptations to the styles and colours of each room, mimicking or highlighting the chromatic harmony among the important accessories. In the master bedroom and in the majestic hall, Idea is black and elegant with dark grey buttons, and the Classica form is used. In the guest bathroom, the choice of camouflaging the three modules against the almost pure white background alternates with the desire, in the main bathroom, to match the bright steel tap fittings and other small details; the square lines of Ideas Classica, in this case, are brightly coloured, made of polished metal with buttons and controls in the white variant. In the more youthful room, amidst dolls and games, Vimar products are absorbed into the clean white environment but still recognisable even in the dark thanks to the particular green backlight.

Regarding the By-me home automation system, Vimar responds to the specific needs of a dwelling used for short periods, in which the standard of comfort is high but designed not to affect the practicality of everyday actions. The control unit is located in the room adjacent to the entrance and the start screen shows the key scenarios, "Home" and "Away". The first option allows, with a single command, to raise all the blinds and turn on the heating, the first step towards reviving the residence. At the same time, the system gives the ability to set different climate areas, so as to obtain a customised temperature in each area depending on the needs of the occupants. It is for this reason that thermostats are installed in many of the rooms, to temporarily change the preset temperature of the system. The second choice, by contrast, initiates the shut-down of the building, activating temporary or short-term functions as required or, for example, activating the anti-freeze function to maintain the systems that will be left unused for a long time. Finally, via the GSM telephonic communicator, By-Me ensures a constant two-way dialogue with the system, which can automatically sends an sms for any technical faults such as gas and water leaks, and the inhabitants of the house can command remotely by activating scenarios or controlling individual functions.


Architectural design: Studio Piccin, Architetto Ambra Piccin, Cortina d'Ampezzo
System design and installation: Electra snc of Zanol Loris and Ceroni Domenico, Cortina d'Ampezzo
Home automation system: By-me
Series: idea

Published on 02/04/2010

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