Vimar By-me: home automation and design in the heart of Florence

Two friends, two young artists, one which have gave the possibility to the other to unleash his talent through the restoration and decoration in a modern style of a historic home in the heart of Florence. United by love for the Tuscan capital, after a chance meeting an intense collaborative relationship is formed between the architect Francesco Santoni and the young owner of the house, Nicole Valenti. In the apartment located in an impressive fifteenth-century building, Santoni has designated new identities for the various spaces, amongst comfort and geometry. The feminine and graceful touch of the lady owner completed the rebirth of residence, attention was given to every detail and some of the enhancements are her very own creations.

The largest area of the house includes a small living room and the kitchen, the true protagonist of the room: a large structure in polished concrete with glass inserts which form the various cabinets illuminated by alternating internal lights. The bedroom and bathroom have hidden entrances from the highly original walk-in wardrobe.

From the large, highly-insulated white windows made in Bolzano – the birthplace of the owner – you can admire the rooftops of Florence, while inside, the light propagates powerfully throughout the house. The antique framework of a coffered ceiling was recovered from a fifteenth-century building and inserted into this pristine environment, giving warmth and luxury to the rooms. Inside the apartment, there are virtually no commercially available objects, replaced by furniture designed by the two artists or discovered by the refined eye of the owner. The focal point is the attention to low-energy solutions and environmentally friendly materials: from the A+ energy-rated fixtures to the condensing boiler, to the low energy lighting and the wooden flooring and other furnishings. In addition, the architects in-depth knowledge of psycho-architecture and his human focus contributed to the creation of a balanced home, a veritable second skin for the lady occupant.

in every point in the house there is a sense of well-being, and Vimar contributes to this with a home automation system that is attentive but never intrusive. Thanks to the By-me system installed in this small apartment, you can in fact perceive the benefits of an intelligent and personalised home.

Installed to provide comfort, the home automation system finds its highest expression in the programmed scenarios. Inside the small Florentine residence, the different combinations of operation of electrical devices integrate climate control and lighting especially. With a few gestures on the By-me control unit, the landlady can call up the different settings that she has chosen and saved: in addition to the "OUT" scenario – which allows temperatures to fall to minimum levels and dims lighting – she has programmed solutions that allow ad hoc illumination of her studio where she creates her work, reduced LED illumination in the living room when watching a film, or climate control set to standby and all the lighting in the house turned off during the night. Local controls and devices in any case allow the control of single lights and independent management of the temperature in each room.

To ensure energy conservation, the By-me home automation system allows her to adjust the temperature according to time intervals and manipulate the scenarios to optimise the management of all the lighting in the house. With the load control function, it is also possible to constantly monitor the power drawn and automatically take action when in the even of overloads, thus avoiding the annoying triggering of circuit breakers. Home safety is guaranteed by a methane gas detector located above the cooker, which reports any gas leaks and promptly intervenes by blocking supply and signalling the danger via visual and acoustic alarms. The owner also opted for the convenience of the GSM module to communicate with the system via mobile phone and set temperatures, control the various comfort and lighting settings and receive any technical alarm warnings.

Each Vimar device is framed in the essential forms of the Plana series, coated in pure white. Two polymer layers – the first pure white and the second transparent – make up the Reflex snow coloured plaques, practical and essential in their timeless beauty. Soft and elegant shapes in tune with the extremely comfortable and cosy atmosphere of the house, discreet and yet at the same time able to form characteristic elements of the house. Vimar is the choice of technology inside this fascinating and at times brilliant home, capable of surprising and reassuring at the same time: truly a compact and perfect urban retreat.


Architectural design: Architect Francesco Santoni, FORMAstudio (FI)
System Installation: Electroalarm snc, Perugia
Home automation system: By-me
Series: Plana

Published on 31/03/2010

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