Private apartment

This apartment is located in the hinterland of Padua, it is about 30 years old and was the subject of a major restructuring. It is a typical well-built 70s apartment in which some interior walls were torn down and others were restored with new mortar and plaster in order to produce a new living space.

The finish is natural a look in smoothed plaster. For the flooring, laminate is used with wood grain surfaces and designs running the full length of the board so as to provide the pleasure of wood combined with child-proof durability. In the kitchen, an island installation was preferred over a traditional layout, with the black granite top providing a decisive touch to the environment. Regarding the bedroom, a design was implemented which is generally reserved for much larger surfaces: a central bed resting on a masonry support with uprights anchored in the slab. On the support painted the same colour as the wardrobe were placed the bedside modules with embedded lighting controls. The oriental style décor expresses the theme of the whole project: simplicity and sophistication, even in the practicality of large sliding doors of the wardrobe. A bright orange colour was chosen for the wall in front of the bed: good to wake to in the morning.

The owner of the home is a professional involved in industrial automation. After having experienced purchasing a home still "on paper", this time he wanted to buy the home first and then personally take care of the project. For the electrical system he chose Vimar, with devices from the Eikon series for its ability to provide both technology and aesthetics in a winning combination.

Eikon in fact offers a wide range of colours and finishes which for the interior of this residence has resulted in the ability to choose plaques in different finishes to suit the style of the environments: Wengé in the bedroom, Black chrome in bathrooms, Antique white in the other rooms. Eikon also adorns the By-me home automation system for maximum coordination. By-me is easy to use and extremely practical: the small control unit can manage an enormous amount of possible functions to integrate security, comfort, energy saving, communication and video intercoms from a single control panel . By-me can also be controlled remotely with a mobile phone: to always have the situation fully under control.


Home automation system: By-me
Series: Eikon

Published on 20/06/2006

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