Private home

These folks are certainly beach-goers! Mauro and Beatrice, owners and operators of a beach in Rimini, host us in their home in Riccione. A beach front residence of course, so as not to leave the beach even when you get home from work; a white house with an exotic palm tree in the garden and a large balcony looking out onto the coast.

The house is cosy and elegant, arranged over two floors that separate the living and sleeping areas, and enhanced by certain choices that denote emphasis and style. Like the wooden staircase that forms a semi-spiral wrapping around itself; the large fireplace in the living room, the wrought iron railing, soberly decorated but very refined, original choices for bathrooms and pastel coloured walls combined with wooden floors. Everything is carefully designed to enhance the experience of living in this cosy residence a few paces from the sea.

The management of the house was entrusted to the By-me home automation system, which integrates the control of multiple functions: security, comfort, energy saving, communication and video intercoms; a system that takes full advantage of the potential offered by home automation systems in general, and Vimar in particular. Like the control of energy consumption, for example, which is obtained via the programmed switching on of appliances and the automatic turning off of lights and air conditioners in areas of the house not being used, in order to avoid waste or forgetting to turn them off yourself. Or the automation of daily repetitive actions, such as moving the blinds and adjusting the lights. On the aesthetics side, Eikon Next series devices have been installed in technological colours, while the "Classic" plaques are in matt silver. Only in the bathrooms, silver has given way to white, pure and unobtrusive. Overall, the By-me home automation system helps to enhance a home which is perfect in its simplicity.


Systems installation: Luciano Civinelli, Riccione
Home automation system: By-me
Series: Eikon

Published on 20/12/2007

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