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Busto Arsizio , the southernmost municipality in the province of Varese, is home to the annual Ediltek exhibition, dedicated to the world of construction that pays special attention to new technologies in housing: quality of materials, green construction, renewable energy and energy efficiency.

And it is for the same technological and energy efficiency requirements that Manuela and Fabrizio, during the restoration of their home in central Busto Arsizio, decided to install the By-me home automation system.

By-me system integrates security, comfort, energy saving, control, communication and video intercoms into a single system.

This has resulted in multi-zone temperature control of the home, with separate temperature regulation of, for example, the attic with respect to the downstairs living area. When programming the system, the owners have inserted special trigger events in the home automation control unit, one of which stops the air conditioning when a window is opened, avoiding unnecessary waste. For the scenarios on the other hand, the one called "exit" is activated by the transponder key which, upon exit from the house, activates the anti-intrusion system, lowers the heating and minimises consumption. In addition, if the inhabitants are due to due to come home sooner than expected, the installed GSM communicator allows adjustment of the temperature via mobile phone. In this way, they find the desired home climate when they arrive.

The By-me system also allows optimisation of energy resources and to avoid unwanted power outages via the effective control system loads. The lady of the house wanted to give priority to the kitchen appliances over less important devices like the dryer and washing machine. So, if several appliances activated at the same time threaten to trigger the circuit breaker, the control system will automatically block currents to the devices set as secondary, leaving the rest of the house to function without interruption.
The apartment, renovated with elegance and rich in technology and design, is complemented by the colour video intercom system, timer thermostats, a burglar alarm system, light dimmers and other traditional and home automation functions covered by the large Vimar catalogue. All in the Eikon Classic line, in a delicate shade of Antique White, which enhances technological aspect of the buttons and controls as well as the backlighting.


System design: Elco Sas of Simone Colombo, Busto Arsizio
System installation: CR Electro System di Roberto Colombo, Busto Arsizio
Home automation system: By-me
Series: Eikon

Published on 05/02/2007

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