Vimar By-me: home automation

Combine elegance with practical and simple functionality; build an environment that can contain and enhance aesthetic and refined choices and, at the same time, respond to the specific needs of children. Living in a home which, amidst the noise and chaos of the city, forms an oasis as soon as you cross the entrance, in which everyone can find their own balance between moments of work, study, play and rest.

This residence exists and is hidden inside an old building in the heart of Foggia, protected by a sturdy door and accessible only after crossing an atrium with sumptuous marble steps, antique furniture and crystal chandeliers.

It is a house built on two separate levels that are connected by a spiral staircase. The lower level houses the study of the owner, the kitchen and the large central hall where a grand piano, a fireplace , ivory curtains held by a pearl necklace and other classical-style furniture permit immersion in an elegant and timeless environment. Immaculate white walls alternate with red amaranth, a choice of colours which is repeated in the spacious open-plan loft, upstairs. Here you find an area completely dedicated to relaxation, with the giant plasma screen, a sophisticated sound system for a music break, a sauna to relax in and a large spa for a special massage.

Light is the absolute protagonist in the residence: the natural light  filtering through windows and skylights, but more so the carefully designed light emanating from the specially positioned LEDs. The light changes the spaces, helping to create openness or closure, it defines the environments and, above all, it is controlled by Vimar. The By-me home automation system demonstrates especially in this environment the amazing possibilities offered by an instrument that combines simplicity and innovation to improve the quality of domestic life. Lighting can be managed through local controls or via the control unit and meets the differing needs of the inhabitants: set each time to accommodate the requirements of anyone coming home; to create relaxing environments after a day of toil; to awaken an entire family in the morning or to optimise energy consumption and avoid waste or omissions during the daily routine.

Simultaneously, By-me is functional to the management of the temperature which, in this particular residence, appears to by another priority requirement. From the control unit, climates are programmed for each different area of the house. And from the many thermostats – often combined with devices for manually setting the speed of the fan-coil to three different modes – you change the temperature according to temporary preferences. The home automation system in this case also allows centralised administration of the system, reducing the time taken and making even the larger spaces extremely easy to control. The home automation control units installed are also often used as video intercoms to see who is ringing the door bell and to subsequently release the electric lock of the front door. With the Vimar application for Microsoft Media Center, finally, the house is even easier to manage and the entire By-me system is controlled through the TV screen or the computer in the owner's study. The owners can keep the entire apartment under control through a simple and personalised menu and, while watching a film, listening to music or working on the computer, they can change the lighting and climate, activate a particular scenario or operate the video door phone.

All the Vimar devices present are dressed in the metal Eikon Next series in the matt silver colour, a choice that combines the convenience of a durable material which is also easy to clean, with the beauty of the square and defined forms of the Classic model.

Overall, the Vimar By-me home automation system coordinates the operation of a home that must meet multiple needs. Private spaces and shared spaces, intimate spaces and living spaces; spaces reserved for the play and spaces devoted to work. Spaces in which to relax, to have fun and to regenerate. Large spaces, spaces where you can lose yourself. Spaces of a luxury residence in the heart of the city of Foggia.


System design: Technical expert/Geometer Gino Boscaino (FG)
System Installation: Sud Elettrica Service di Vincenzo di Canio, Lucera (FG)
Home automation system: By-me
Series: Eikon

Published on 01/04/2010

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