Vimar By-me: tradition and innovation

Something old, something new, something borrowed: for a young married couple from the Puglia region, tradition has become reality in the place which has been the backdrop of their existence together since only a few months ago.
Something old, like the two chests of drawers in walnut located at the entrance and next to the glass door of the living room or the two art deco armchairs inherited from the grandmother of the landlady. Something new, such as the interior of the house designed by architect Lorenzo Fatone – the father of the bride – who made the designs for the restructuring project: an architecture designed to capture the most beautiful views of an enchanting landscape. Finally, something borrowed and timeless, like the Castiglioni lamp by the fireplace and the historic Wassily chair, both purchased many years ago by the parents of the owner today and placed in a context that harmoniously blends classic and modern choices.

The house is located on the top floor of an imposing building in the old town of Manfredonia. From this vantage point it seems almost to touch the sky and the sunlight that propagates through the large windows seems to have found here the perfect stage to put on a show. A large terrace surrounds a large part of the perimeter of the residence and offers a clear and unobstructed view of the spectacular Gargano mountains and the Gulf of Manfredonia, which dominates everything. In the distance, on a clear day you can also see some towns of the province of Bari: Barletta and Molfetta, in particular, face the Gulf and seem to admire its desirable location between the sea and the mountains. The apartment consists of a total of six rooms and the kitchen is at its heart: a pure white and all-encompassing space that has windows overlooking the city and the sea. When evening comes, the house becomes enchanting and you are captivated by the breathtaking views and the unique atmosphere while you observe the dome of an old church, the boats calling at the port, the colours of the sunset, the lights of the city, the darkness that slowly covers everything and life inside this wonderful abode.

Technology is an interest of the man of the house: an instrument at the service of daily routine that, with the Vimar By-me home automation system, manages comfort, security, energy saving and the overall control of the entire residence. With By-me, all functions of the electrical system are able to interact with each other in an intelligent way and be governed by a single monitoring station. From controls to simultaneously manage lights, blinds and climates, to the home automation control unit which can be programmed and can control the entire system, to the new colour touch screen, Vimar is the choice that combines innovation and ease of use, allowing you to live in a house that is adapted to your needs.

There are three By-me control units in this residence, installed in the dining room, the master bedroom and the living room; with a few gestures to scroll through the main menu, select the different functions desired or, thanks to the internal camera positioned next to the doorbell on the top floor, view who is at the door on the monitor (video intercom function). Infrared sensors found in the apartment in various strategic locations and where people often pass send signals to the control unit which immediately turns on lights, without the need to take any action. From the bedside, home automation controls allow you to control lights, blinds and to turn the TV on or off via an appropriate relay actuator. The incorporated load control module, on the other hand, has the function of monitoring energy consumption and can prevent the triggering of circuit breakers if necessary by automatically disconnecting current loads defined as non-priority. Finally, the Touch screen transforms needs into actions with a simple touch: in an instant it can lower or raise all the shutters of the house, control the lighting in different environments, change the temperature room by room and activate the programmed scenarios in the control unit. The different environment settings, in particular, accompany the daily routine of the two young owners, providing maximum comfort and security with minimal effort. In the morning, for example, the "wake up" scenario opens all the shutters of the house and turns on the television to quickly find out what's going on in the world; when leaving to go to work, however, the "work" scenario turns the lights off (thus avoiding those annoying occasions when you forget to do it!), the temperature is left to rise or fall to the stand-by level and the alarm system is activated to keep the home safe.

The choice of the Eikon Bianca series for all installed devices was immediate and unanimous: The predominately four-module devices are framed by fine crystal plaques in the strict design forms of the Classic model. Eikon stands out despite the uniform white colour which is also the dominant colour of the house. Vimar products are able to stand out like design objects and can enhance environments with their elegant simplicity.


Architectural design: Architect Lorenzo Fatone (FG)
System Installation: Michelini Franco, Manfredonia (FG)
Home automation system: By-me
Series: Eikon

Published on 31/03/2010

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