Penthouse on the Duomo

An apartment with a terrace that looks onto the Duomo, offering life in the city with a refreshing green area at the same time. An urban retreat situated on the top floor of a central building in the capital of Lombardy with a space for recreating the beauty of a natural environment. Large French windows overlooking the entire city offer a priceless view of the spires of the cathedral and its Madonna, as well as the imposing buildings.

Inside, the splendid Milanese residence boasts the results of a detailed and totally successful restoration, careful not to obliterate the true soul of the house, but designed to allow living in large large, airy spaces and always full of style and personality. The unit has been divided into two separate areas: one for the night, intentionally bare and almost monastic for the nearly total presence of white, which is accessed via a small lobby that is already part of the living area during the day. This latter is dominated by a soft apricot colour that not only renders the atmosphere warmer, but offers the right background for the art collection with which the owner, a refined collector, has graced her home.

The bright and spacious open floor plan is partially divided by a large closet, which opens onto the living room and backs against an identical wardrobe covered in mirrors which services the guest bedroom. The walls in Venetian stucco, the colour apricot, the material of the sofa, and also the 20s style table, chairs and bookcases – all produced by the American company Mac Guire – form the common thread throughout the different environments into which the living space has been divided. At the same time, they donate an overall inviting feel to a home made for pleasurable living, even in company.

The owner of the apartment, an enthusiastic collector of historical artwork, expresses her preferences and tastes through her choice of furnishings, many of them being antique: amongst which her precious "beetle". A prestigious collection of Russian avant-garde drawings collected over the years by the owner almost completely cover the walls. Finally, the roof garden that adorns the outside terrace  is easily accessible from every part of the house, creating a lovely visual opening to the cityscape seen from above. Thus on the top floor of this prestigious building in the centre of the city, one can enjoy the outdoors on the terrace, using the decorative table for pleasant breakfasts or lunches, weather permitting, of course.

The Idea series with devices in white represents, in its characteristic warm tones, an elegant complement to the home, while the cast metal black chrome plaques take on the hues of the walls due to their reflective surface.

Published on 10/11/2005

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