The Winter residence

"Everything is wonderful, and every day the country is more beautiful, and I am bewitched by this town", wrote Claude Monet in 1884 about Bordighera, a town that struck him so deeply as to inspire more than fifty paintings dedicated to the green of the gardens and the intensity of the sea.

Bordighera, already rich in natural beauty, was enhanced during the nineteenth century by the intense urban activity of internationally renowned landscape architect Ludwig Winter, who devoted himself to the cultivation of flowers and the acclimatisation of exotic plants that still today form part of the landscape typical of western Liguria.

Winter's villa, immersed in species of palm that are unique to Europe, was recently restored and renamed "Residenza Winter".

The residence is located on a hill just a few dozen meters from the beach, not far from the old town centre and situated amongst one of the best landscapes in western Italy; inside the residence are apartments with high quality finishings and details: from the garages and the common areas, to the selection of windows, marble floors and parquet.

Vimar is present in the Winter Residence Winter with its entire home series range: in the garages and external garden areas and balconies, Plana devices are installed inside Isoset containers to provide against the weather; in the common areas the Idea, Rondo model plaques have buttons and controls in charcoal grey and the plaques themselves are in cast metal and white polymer. Inside the apartments, however, the Eikon home series tint the soft and welcoming contours of the Round model plaques with specific colours for each residence. Finally, all the plaques are personalised with the logo of the residence and contain several devices, such as removable torches for emergency lighting and timer thermostats for temperature control.


Architectural design: Architect Alborno, Bordighera (IM)
System design: SMC, Milano
System installation: Elettro Bordighera of Aldi Antonello and Scali Simone, Bordighera (IM)
Series: Eikon, Idea, Plana

Published on 05/02/2007

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