The Baitella is divided into 49 units of various sizes and types – from 60 to 350 m² – recovering part of the eighteenth century villa and part of the adjacent seventeenth century farmhouse. The main villa on the other hand includes the more exclusive apartments that boast the expertly restored characteristic features of the building: the decorative façade, the obelisks and marble elements, the gallery on the ground floor and the first floor, the porch, the vaulted and decorated rooms, the frescoed walls and the imposing staircase. Finally, in the rear farmhouse, dwellings were built with stone walls and fronts, complete with balconies, porches and lofts of various sizes: houses on one or more floors, also with large gardens.
The complex is surrounded by a beautiful 30.000 m²  park where beautiful old trees continue to stand.

Equipped with an automatic watering system, this outdoor area also has two tennis courts and a swimming pool. The car park under the old barnyard has a capacity of 80 parking spaces and is accessed through a tunnel outside the complex; connection with the various apartments on the other hand is provided via the elevators and stairwells of the various buildings. All this results in a pedestrian hamlet on a human scale, where vehicle access to the courts and to the park is forbidden unless in cases of emergency.

High quality finishes characterise a system that combines a completely independent heating system with cast iron radiators or underfloor heating systems; alarm systems; wiring and tubing ready to accept a home sound system; video door entry systems and Digital satellite TV. The whole system is designed on the one hand to accommodate possible future additions, and on the other the need to preserve, when installing the conduits, the prestigious painted sections of the building, avoid any crossings and maintaining large buffer distances. The heating system was appropriately configured in each housing unit to allow differentiated regulation of temperature via timer thermostats, providing maximum flexibility with respect to comfort and energy efficiency. The phone system allows for connection in every room and uses of high-performance connectors. Various components regarding the lighting system have been installed, in particular the pull-out torch from the emergency fixture and the emergency lighting equipment providing for maximum assistance and safety at all times.

Each fixture is framed in a plaque from the Idea series, in two variants of colour and material: Rondo model plaques in die-cast metal with polished gold finish were used in the apartments; Silk polymer in white, opaque and soft to the touch, were instead chosen for the communal condominium areas.


Architectural design: Gianfranco Cominelli
Series: idea

Published on 07/11/2005

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