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Abitare il tempo and Sim Home Abitare il tempo is one of the most important international trade fairs for interior decoration. The exhibition is a mix of products, solutions and traditions that represent the trends of today and tomorrow in a single harmonious complex  At the exhibition, Eikon Next brings home automation to Sim.Home . It is a space designed by architect Simone Micheli to describe a new emotional dimension of home living.

"When I imagined Sim.Home" says Simone "I didn't just think about my home but rather a place that reflects those who want to live in complete harmony with their own emotional dimension. There is a need to smile, to feel alive again in everyday life, to grasp the enormity and magnificence of the slow or frenetic advancement of time."

In this project, the Next version of the  Eikon home series proved to be one of the main features of the project and instrumental in the management of lighting scenarios and automation of electrical devices within the environment.
"The Eikon project"  says Holger Quick, designer of the series "was designed in a style that does not follow fashion, it had to be independent of momentary trends, and be oriented to fit into a much broader period of time."

What matters most with Eikon, in addition to the design, is the ability to provide a series of functions that go beyond traditional systems. Crystal, stone, wood and stainless steel are the new materials which in the Classic and Round profiles give life to a series of plaques that are well suited for restorations of classic villas as well as amongst the furnishing of avant-garde buildings.

The splendid home of Micheli is a 500 m2  space that Eikon Next enriched with the innovative technological charm of buttons and controls in silver, the strong Classic lines or the soft forms of the Round series, even with effective "multi-material" combinations of the plaques, ranging from wood to stone, from crystal to stainless steel to metal. Eikon Next fits perfectly in the homes of the present and future with details intended to function with our new lifestyles by providing a balanced mix of technology, quality and design for the realisation of conventional systems as well as automation, in total security and reliability. Inside the house, the management of lights, shutters, intruder alarm and climate control is organised under scenarios, set according to the needs of the user, who can activate multiple functions simultaneously with a simple touch. By-me is also addresses the safety and security of the home and its inhabitants: sensors and devices that warn of gas leaks, water leaks and power outages are integrated with the intruder alarm system. Even the climate control system which is differentiated for separate environments is managed by the Vimar home automation system and it can be integrated in scenarios where lights, shutters, intruder alarms and so on vary their status at the same time.

Finally, By-me system monitors energy consumption and electrical loads, enabling appliances during lower priced, off-peak times and disabling them selectively in case of an overload.

Published on 12/10/2006

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