A perfect balance between past and present

Two different styles, two different ways of interpreting architecture that live together in perfect unison, where the classic and the modern blend without compromising the harmony that characterises these environments.
A residence, surrounded by the stunning landscape of the Tuscan hills, whose peculiarity lies in the combination of seemingly conflicting elements. The original building dates back to the eighteenth century and includes a now completely renovated outbuilding where a whole new section has in fact been added, with a beautiful veranda in an elegant minimalist style.
The house is composed of an eclectic mosaic inspired by differing styles of décor.

Between the large living room adjacent to the main entrance – with elegant antique furniture complemented with precious ornaments, inlaid parquet floors and vintage fixtures – and the kitchen where a large cooker in polished stainless steel catches the eye, the difference is great, but the careful touch and the refined taste of the owners have managed to create harmony out of heterogeneous elements which coexist in perfect symphony.
Previously unused spaces are now more accessible thanks to recent renovations. The result is a very bright ensemble, characterised by one open space after the other, separated by false divisions. A careful choice of colours and finishes adds the final harmonising touch, further enhanced by the beautiful garden that surrounds the villa, which seems to blend perfectly with the soft hills. A relaxing panorama, immersed in an almost surreal silence which conveys a sense of serenity and peace.
Francesco Santoni, a young and eclectic Florentine architect who oversaw the work, explains the concept behind the building renovations. His style is characterised by simple lines, minimalist as he calls it, and at the same time paying a great deal of attention to the research of materials, which must remain as close as possible to their "natural" form, without the use of chemicals that denature their essence .
The philosophy behind the work of the architect is manifested in the floors that make up the floor of the veranda and the terrace of the outbuilding which are treated only with natural oils, and in the supports for the large windows that surround the space in untreated COR-TEN steel, which have browned and formed truly unique rough surfaces. The large windows are in fact designed to meet a specific need expressed by the owner to be able to interact with the outdoors at any time. Embedded directly into their iron frames, these windows allow view of the magnificent hilly landscape during family meals or carefree evenings with friends as if you you were in the garden, but protected and sheltered from the lively winds that constantly whistle through this hilly area. For the more intimate moments of relaxation, however, a Jacuzzi attached to the veranda via a small glass bridge is ready for relaxing  spa sessions to be enjoyed while contemplating the green hills.

In such a precious context, where every detail testifies the desire of the owners to live in a comfortable and elegant environment, the decision was made to install a state of the art home automation system. Vimar By-me was therefore the first choice of the buyers. Able to provide total lighting control, the system also offers the ability to manage functions including video entry systems and automated control of windows and drapes in a simple and intuitive way. From the 4.3 inch touch screen located in the verandah, it is possible to retrieve most of the functions previously programmed in the home automation control unit, in addition to controlling the operation of all the lights.

Several scenarios were set in the control unit to ensure comfort at the highest level. A simple touch of the screen is all the hosts needs to do to choose which particular lighting combination to activate. For example, "Presentation" is activated to illuminate the numerous works of art , including many sculptures by Polish artist Igor Mitoraj, which the owner of the house loves to collect and show to friends while sharing his passion with them. The scenario "diffuse light" is used to illuminate the porch in common situations such as family dinners. "Ambience and relaxation" is the scenario that triggers the evening lighting of the Jacuzzi and part of the garden, with carefully positioned spotlights which create a fascinating play of light through the trees in the evening. And finally, the "passage" scenario illuminates the corridors with specially placed LED lights in the hallways.

The hallmark clean lines and rigorous designs of the Plana series automation controls are easily recognizable, located in various areas go to allow local control of lights and automation. All aesthetically coordinated with the snow white Reflex plaques, likewise on the home automation controller and the touch screen, to create a refined minimalism that blends perfectly with the touch of Santoni. A form of architecture that proposes living spaces in an original way, but in the measure of an essential style.
The great functionality and ease of use of the By-me system have thus won over the owners, who have decided to extend the home automation system to the "historical" part of the villa which currently has a traditional system, while the beautiful Italian garden has already been set up to accommodate a lighting system which is integrated into the automation system.  One of the major advantages of this type of system is in fact its enormous flexibility which allows the integration of future extensions easily and quickly, without the need for any structural interventions.

Different elements are hence integrated perfectly in a combination that sees the contemporary bind with past environments in a harmony guaranteed by the style of Santoni, who confesses that his creations depend on the discreet charm and elegance of Vimar products.

Published on 31/08/2011

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