If space evokes emotions

can living spaces evoke emotions? We found the answer to this question, which to some may seem rhetorical, in this residence.
Here, where the concept of harmony and fluidity between the environments is the prevailing theme, everything has been studied as a function of the psychological well-being of the tenants. Here, the interior spaces are devoid of closures and doors are not conspicuous, because these are not considered barriers but as passages which open into new environments. Here the hierarchy is not determined by the importance of the spaces but - depending on their expansion or shrinkage, both in plan and elevation - by their use. The space of the entrance area is therefore wide, but it narrows into the corridor and opens up again into living area where the corridor leads.

Like the doors, even the furnishings were not designed exclusively as such, but as objects which are changeable according to the tastes of those who inhabit the spaces: real architectural elements without which the rooms would not be complete. This notion is perfectly captured by the bookshelves, which are dynamic rather than static, thanks to the solid and empty elements that permeate them, giving a unique identity to the entire living area.

Stairs and walkways do not escape this philosophy. These were also designed as compositional elements of the living space which, without them, would lose its integrity. The contrast between the parquet panels made of solid oak and the light tones used for the walls is further enhanced thanks to the abundant light entering through the large windows . The same windows, while sheltered by sliding shields ready to block the sun of hot summer days, give a sense of total openness to the outside, creating a continuous exchange between the interior and exterior.

This exchange that is not just metaphoric, but also physical. The house is in fact equipped with state of the art systems which allow, through geothermics and ventilation, to use outdoor temperatures to regulate interior temperatures. Hence, a closed circuit composed of special electrodes positioned at a depth of hundred meters reduces the work required by the heat pump for heating the water, as the temperature of the subsoil is 15 °C. A considerable advantage, given that the starting temperature is normally much lower. A unique recirculation system, on the other hand, transfers the outgoing air temperature to the air coming in, thus reducing fuel consumption even further.

Heating and cooling, through a radiant floor system, and air circulation, all controlled from a single point: the Vimar 10-inch multimedia video touch screen, here in the version with a crystal frame in a white diamond colour. Visible the moment you enter, this latest generation device holds all the sophisticated technology of the By-me home automation system needed to manage and control the entire home.

Featuring an ultra-thin screen that is flush with the frame, the Multimedia video touch screen combines stylish geometries with an excellent visual quality, also providing a clear picture of everything that is happening inside and outside the building. Connected to an external Elvox plate, this device acts as both an internal video intercom- even able to record missed video calls - and a digital whiteboard, for the exchange of text and audio messages as well as drawings. An integrated audio and video player also lets you enjoy multimedia content, and an interactive calendar and alarm clock allows you to enter reminders as you need.

The integration of the By-me home automation system with the Web Server enables occupants to control the whole house, even remotely, using their iPhone and iPad.

The various zones of the house can be controlled from anywhere, and each zone has functions to govern the automatic systems, regulate lighting, adjust the temperature and control the diffusion of sound. You can also call up different scenarios: preset combinations for electrical equipment which are activated depending on the requirements. In this particular home, two scenarios have been created: one scenario is "evening lighting", which highlights the garden and external areas thanks to the special outdoor lighting system, and "exit", which turns off all the lights and simultaneously activates the intruder alarm.

With the By-me home automation system, it is therefore possible to create environments where everything is designed to make home life easier and more comfortable. In the living area, for example, a simple gesture can move the curtains, open and close skylights or control lighting. The same actions that can be controlled centrally by the Multimedia video touch screen or via the local devices placed at various points in the room.

On the walls you can see in fact see the Vimar Eikon switches and control pads, recognisable thanks to their unique design. Chosen for the elegant lines of the classic version in white, the plaques that frame these devices are perfectly integrated with the style of the house. These are backlit so they are easy to find even in the dark and the commands are engraved with the logo of their intended function: directional arrows or on/off switches.

In several strategic points, presence detectors were installed with dual functions:  to interact with the alarm system and, simultaneously, activate lamps positioned in certain passageways.

Spaces, furnishings and home automation devices thus form a single entity, the culmination of a precise philosophy that is the basis of architectural design. A project that did not leave anything to chance and was also made possible by the sophisticated technology of Vimar.


Home automation system: By-me
Home series: Eikon:
Electrical system installation : Pierre Impianti Elettrici (Martinengo, BG)

Published on 13/06/2013

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