A gem of home automation in the heart of the Dolomites

A dream home? It's for real, and it's situated in Cortina d'Ampezzo. Nestling in exceptional surroundings, with the Dolomites providing a stunning natural backdrop, this residence exudes all the charm of traditional local architecture, coupled with the most sophisticated technology.

Built on a site previously occupied by a tabià, a traditional hayloft of the kind often found in the Alpine region, the house is spread over four floors, two of which are underground. Hence, viewed from the outside, one would never imagine that it has so many rooms: four communicating mini-apartments, a shared living room and a superbly equipped wellness area. The numerous spaces are needed to accommodate one of Italy's most famous top managers and his large family, who gather here for some quality time together, enjoying some rest and relaxation during the holidays and at weekends.

All the rooms are characterised by a superb use of wood, the undisputed star of the space, with fir and larch boards covering floors and walls respectively. The strength that seems to emanate from this material has not been diminished in any way, as the wood has been left deliberately unfinished and rough in places, stamping the desired character on the interior. Drawing on the traditional skills still deep-rooted in the Ampezzo valley, local artisans laid boards and beams using an interlocking system which is very special, as it preserves the uniqueness of each piece of wood, with no two pieces identical.

Simple interior design and systems that guarantee superlative performance: those were the guidelines given by the customer. Working to this brief, the Bernardi architects studio and Fontana construction company, responsible for the design and build respectively, set to work. A challenging project for both companies, but one which, thanks to a harmonious working partnership developed over a number of years, culminated in a magnificent result.

The harmony that characterised the project also extended to the choice ofVimar as the ideal partner to create an outstanding system. The By-me home automation system is the true beating heart of the entire home: its technology, so sophisticated yet easy to use, allows centralised management of all rooms, essential in a building of this size.

All the functions present in the residence can be controlled both centrally from the stylish Full Flat Video Touch Screens and room-by-room using local devices, such as thermostats and automation controls. Climate, lighting, opening and closure of roller shutters and shutters, the sound system: everything can be controlled from the touch screen or easily managed using dedicated controls.

Vimar home automation was chosen precisely because it enables easy, coordinated control of all these functions. For example, every single light throughout the fifteen plus rooms in the home can be switched off from the central control panel, so there is no need to check them one by one, for fear of perhaps leaving one switched on. Just as the temperature in the various rooms, and the sound system too, can be set and monitored. Radio, iPod, CD player, Bluetooth: you can select your favourite track using the system's interfacing with various devices.

There are four separate audio zones in the living space and two in the wellness area. This way, the family can enjoy differentiated listening: classical music in the living room, the latest pop hit in the kitchen, or the radio in the swimming pool and the best rock music from the iPod - connected via the docking station - in the gym. The By-me sound system delivers pure high-fidelity playback thanks to digital signal transmission technology and high-quality speakers.

And if, in addition to the music, a more engaging mood is desired, at the merest touch of one of the five Full Flat Video Touch Screens, a different combination of temperature, lighting and comfort can be called up for each zone, based on previous settings that reflect personal requirements. This is the “scenarios” function, which allows tailored settings for every room in order to reflect personal preferences. Creating the perfect conditions to fully enjoy this magnificent home at every moment.

Like all the devices, the touch screens too are framed by Eikon Total Look cover plates in matt silver coloured metal. This finish was chosen by the lady of the household together with the architect, Valentina Bernardi. Both found that it perfectly complemented the wood and minimalist white plaster of the interior design scheme. Without forgetting a chromatic resonance with the more striking furnishing elements in the home, like the stone coffee tables in front of the large fireplace in the living room.

With superb visual quality, the touch screens not only allow centralised management through simple and intuitive monitoring pages, but also function as the video door entry system indoor unit. The picture quality of the caller at the door is always extremely sharp, like all the images captured by the cameras built into the Elvox outdoor panels. Ideal for this type of installation, the 1300 series panels are the perfect solution for residences like this. Simple to install and easy to program, inside they accommodate audio, video and power supply using DueFili technology: the simplest way to create a video door entry system with video surveillance and intercom function. Chosen in stainless steel finish version, the panels are equipped with a colour camera which offers a clear picture of all that is happening directly outside. Offering the very best in terms of communication and security.

Thus, as the setting sun casts its warm glow over Monte Cristallo, Cortina - the Queen of the Dolomites - is all set to switch on its countless lights thanks also to the contribution of a veritable technological gem : the By-me home automation system by Vimar.


Home automation system: By-me

Residential series: Eikon Next

Architectural project: Studio Architetti Bernardi, Cortina d’Ampezzo (BL)

Construction project and systems: Gruppo Fontana, Belluno

Published on 08/05/2014

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