Beauty without limits

Immersed in the tranquil surroundings of the hills of Cuneo, a small cottage in a distinctively modern style, with privacy guaranteed by an imposing perimeter fence, has become a special place in which to live every day moments thanks to a young entrepreneur and his wife.

A residence designed and built to meet the needs of two young professionals who spend most of their day at work, but want to enjoy their free time in the best possible way when they return home. And for this reason they are not willing to compromise.

This is immediately evident as you walk through the entrance which leads directly into the living area. In this open-space environment, white leather armchairs and a large sofa are a clear invitation to relax, enhanced by the exquisite atmosphere created by the Flos lamp in painted metal with a marble base. A space where they can find themselves and not think about the problems of everyday life.

Separating the living room and the kitchen is a sliding glass door with very light lines and serving a precious function: to ensure the tranquillity in each of these two environments, shielding any noises which would otherwise would spread from one room to another.

Inside the kitchen with cabinets made ​​of lacquered doors, an island with an induction hob demonstrates practicality and at the same time elegance and sophistication. From here, two large French doors provide access to the spaces outside. A terrace, with its long and narrow form, skirts the kitchen and living room, making it an open living area equipped for barbecues with friends.

The lightness of the spaces is one of the leitmotifs of this house, even with the help of a specifically designed lighting system. LED strips run along the ceiling, while the walls are adorned with special niches and recesses to exploit this type of light brilliantly. The sources of light in fact, when positioned with discretion, manage to bring out the details of the furnishings so that they acquire additional beauty.

And if it is true that it is often the details that make the difference, between the light tones of the walls and floors you will find the beautiful buttons, controls and home automation devices of the Eikon Evo series by Vimar, which are framed in Corian plaques and inserted perfectly in these environments of simple elegance.
Featuring an eclectic personality and the ability to further enhance, this innovative material and excellent temperament seduces with its brilliant white hue that highlights the exquisitely modern technical feel.

And if Eikon Evo enriches environments with its elegance, the care of the home is ensured by the By-me home automation system which, thanks to the coordination of various functions – such as the extraordinary comfort offered by the sound system –  improves and renders moments spent in the home even more pleasant.

The integration of the sound with the home automation system allowed us to create a customised system for this house. A system that, as confirmed by the proprietor, is characterised by its high fidelity thanks mainly to the excellent quality of the speakers.

Able to handle up to 4 different sound sources – thus allowing for differentiated audio in every room – the Vimar sound system is used by the two young owners mainly because it allows them to listen to music from their iPhone or iPod connected to the automation system via docking station.
Rock music in the living room, pop in the kitchen and the radio in the bedroom: every moment thus has the most suitable accompanying theme music. Songs may in fact be selected in a simple and intuitive way by simply touching the display of the full flat video touch screen situated in a convenient location.

This device was designed to provide a whole new way of perceiving the house, both inside and outside. With its touch technology and wide screen, as well as overseeing all the internal operations, this device also functions as a video door phone for greeting guests in the most wonderful fashion.

But the performance offered by By-me does not stop there. Vimar home automation can be modified over time to suit the ever-changing needs of those living in these spaces. Here, everything has been designed to be able to control comfort, security, energy saving and communications from a single point, thanks to a technology that is as innovative as it is easy to use. Some day, the couple will be able to control and monitor the well-being of the whole family, including their future children, anywhere in the house.

Finally, to always have the right climate, ClimaPiù programmable thermostats, by Vimar, of course, have been installed in the various environments. Through the hideaway controls, these devices allow you to intuitively set the temperature in different time zones according to daily or weekly schedules or set time periods. The navigation wheel allows the inhabitants to access the various features quickly and easily in order to change the settings as they like.
These thermostats were also chosen because of their large 4-inch scrolling display panel – the largest in its class – for easy viewing of the programming menu and effortless setting of the temperature profile.

These devices of sleek and compact design blend into this living environment in coordination with the elegant and refined lines of the Eikon Evo plaques, whose beauty – we must say – knows no bounds.


Home automation system: By-me
Home series: Eikon Evo:
Electrical system installation : Cristiano Ocelli Impianti Elettrici, Saluzzo (CN)

Published on 31/10/2012

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