Perfection is a perfect aesthetic.

Surrounded by luxurious parkland, this historical complex - carved out of a dip in the hillside on which the main building rests - forms a horse-shoe around an immense lawn, and is the result of an elaborate design project which had to consider numerous architectural and landscape constraints. Inside the house - where white tones and steel reign supreme - tradition and modernity coalesce in perfect harmony. Traditional Italian building materials emphasise the minimalist features and contemporary design of the furniture and furnishings. The discreet presence of the By-me system, dressed for the occasion in the elegant forms of Eikon Evo and the technological sobriety of the anodised aluminium grey Next - is used to monitor every room in this impressive residence, while the entrance gates are skilfully controlled by Elvox automation.

Published on 31/03/2010

ASTAT Sp. z o.o., 60-451 Poznań, ul. Dąbrowskiego 441, tel. +48 618488871, fax +48 618488276,,
VIMAR: osprzęt elektroinstalacyjny, system automatyki domowej, łączniki, gniazda, chronotermostaty, wideofony, CCTV, automatyka dla sektora mieszkań oraz usług.