Home automation with a view

There is no better decoration than sweeping landscapes when you have large windows overlooking a garden with a swimming pool against the panoramic backdrop of a soothing lake. They must have thought of this, the owners of a beautiful villa in Brescia, when they built this transparent getaway far enough away from the city, work and routine but close enough to be within reach at weekends.

The building is on two floors, only one of which is above ground: the basement area is primarily a recreational area, while the living area above is the heart of the home. The feminine touch in a family consisting mainly of men is assured with the young and energetic lady of the house, who wanders barefoot through the rooms and vindicates her choice, among other things, of having hung the portraits of two unforgettable film icons on the walls: the immortal Brigit Bardot, and Marilyn Monroe in an elusive and pensive close-up. Nothing is missing and nothing is in excess, the beauty of the house is its simplicity. A balanced home: basic, intimate and open to the outside, with a large central patio to welcome friends and an elegant white staircase that leads to the swimming pool overlooking the lake.

The essential tone of the house lends itself to the emphasis of the devices by Vimar, with refined designs that render them real furnishing elements. The clean geometries and square contours of Eikon Classic stand out next to a historic Kartell lamp or embedded in the stone adorning the control apparatus dedicated to security, control and comfort. White buttons and controls accompanied by plaques in varying materials: Jerusalem stone for those located outside; in precious crystal for the living and recreation areas; white and practical for the more informal settings, in polymer coloured Reflex ice.

Security was one of the primary prerogatives to the owners of the villa, who thus installed a surveillance system with various features. Presence detectors, which in addition to automatically turning on the lights when people pass, are also connected to the intruder alarm system: positioned in tandem with internal sirens to warn of any unwanted presences. Digital keypads enable and disable the entire security system or individual areas of the house via differing five-digit codes, depending on whether the owners are accessing the home, rather than the housemaid or gardener. Finally, in case of emergency, a small portable torch with high efficiency LEDs and up to two hours battery life can be extracted from the simple three-module fixtures in each of the rooms.

In this minimalist style home, the By-me home automation technology is tasked with simplifying daily operations and, thanks to the GSM communicator, allowing remote surveillance of the status of the electrical system or management of the entire system (climate control, irrigation, intruder alarm etc.). Two home automation control units are present, one on each floor: these are the brain of the system and are used to configure, organise, and manage the devices of a home that runs completely on electricity. In addition, linked with the video intercom with a microphone and speaker, the control units show who is ringing the bell and can be used to open the gate and turn on the lights of the driveway.

Located close to the front door, the new Vimar 4.3-inch colour touch screen represents the most innovative and fascinating image of home automation. Its operation is simple and intuitive and the owners seem to have fun with the new functions offered by the device. With a light press of the display, the Touch screen activates and shows the main menu and the different functions managed: environment control, load control, intruder alarm and settings. You can access specific rooms of the house and change the lighting or the temperature, control the blinds and call scenarios. The system was also set up to constantly monitor the state of electrical loads.

The "scenarios" function is synonymous with innovation and comfort. Just press a button on the control unit or tap the Touch screen and the day scenario will raise all the shutters and wake up the house. Artificial lighting in not even necessary because the large glass windows provide enough illumination, while  background music is simultaneously turned on. In the evening, however, with a simple touch the home becomes a spectacular stage. Inside, the ceiling cleverly dotted with small spotlights provides illumination to a very nice effect, while outside, the house offers a spectacle of lights along the driveway and at the base of the stone columns: it is not difficult to imagine a dinner with friends by the pool or an evening on the white chaise longue just watching the sky, while the silence envelops the magnificent home and peace reigns supreme.


System design: Studio Angossini Geom.Ivano (BS)
System installation: Gimar di Guerra Mario (BS)
Home automation system: By-me
Series: Eikon

Published on 31/03/2010

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