A fabulous residence

Crossing a massive gate surrounded by an imposing stone wall to find yourself immersed in a unique fairy-tale setting: we are in the province of Mantua, a small city like many others moving to the rhythms of everyday life, but interrupted, as if by magic, upon entrance into one of its special homes. In an instant, everything changes and the soft, rounded silhouette of the structure seems to erase all traces of normality. It is a house which surprises, amuses and intrigues. It is a house meant to be lived in and was built to accommodate work, fun, family, conviviality and relaxation needs.

The journey inside what resembles a fairy tale house begins from the basement: a giant tavern which is immediately striking for its large spaces, the eccentric but still refined décor, the variety of materials that alternate in an unusual and wonderfully successful blend of stone, wood, glass, steel and leather. The bright red of the carpet, the equally intense table football made by Cavicchi, the softer the timeless Vanity Fair armchairs contrast with the dark brown leather sofas with cushions in lighter camel colour.

A completely transparent internal lift leads to each floor of the residence. All the rooms are spacious, have undulating walls and round windows like portholes. Cosy sofas and inviting armchairs – most of which by leading designers – are by no means the centre of attention as the toys of the smallest inhabitants liven up a prestigious home that has managed to retain its liveability.

In the sleeping area, the bedrooms are placed at opposite ends of the building and separate to the area devoted to relaxation: completely covered in a mosaic of various green hues, with a sauna, a Turkish bath and a jacuzzi inviting dwellers to a relaxing break. In front of this room, through the windows, you can admire a beautiful zen garden, while behind the wellness area a space has been added for a more typically feminine passion: shopping. In fact, a wardrobe that seems to have no end, houses an enviable collection of clothes, bags and shoes in an ordered expo of objects of desire!

To have the best: this was the imperative that drove the choice of every piece of furniture, every material, every object that makes up this home. It is in this context of prestige, the By-me home automation system Vimar has been entrusted with the task of controlling multiple functions, integrating the different components of a composite electrical system to ensure reliability, practicality and comfort, while security is entrusted to the ELVOX CCTV system.
Three home automation control units are present, one for each floor programmed to control the environment in which it is inserted or the entire house. The organisation by floors allows optimised and simple management, especially with regard to lighting, temperature, automation and irrigation, even remotely. Specific combinations of electrical functions have been preset in such a way that immediate needs are satisfied with a few simple gestures. These combinations are actually scenarios: the "Tavern" scenario prepares the hall for dinner with friends, ensuring an optimal temperature and specific illumination for the small but well-stocked cellar by turning on the main LED lights in the ceiling; the "Terrace" activates the sprinkler system in the wide green spaces that surround the higher rooms of the house and ensures that the appropriate motorised external blinds are lowered; the "Wellness" scenario instead prepares the spa, sauna and Turkish bath for immediate use while the "On–Off" scenarios are highly practical as they turn on and off all the lights in the house with a single gesture.

Using simple commands, however, it is possible to locally control the individual lights or groups of LEDs dotting the ceiling in many parts of the house, illuminating the outline of the parquet staircase connecting all the floors or the architectural details of the residence with clever lighting effects.

For climate control, numerous thermostats were installed to indicate the temperature and modify the temperatures for local zones if and when desired.

During the summer holidays, while they are away for a weekend or returning from a day's work, the two young owners can count on a home automation system that may be controlled from a distance by phone. By-me is able to check the status of electrical devices, remotely activate scenarios and automation systems, adjust climate control and prepare the house for an always perfect reception!
Placed in different environments and on heterogeneous frames, all the electrical devices in the home are coordinated along the design, quality and sophistication of the Vimar Eikon Evo series. With Eikon Evo, aesthetics is at the service of functionality: the touch controls have silent mechanisms; the soft-action buttons have a fluid feel; the thermostats to regulate the climate control systems have large displays and are easy to read, with digital technology for both manual control and intuitive programming.

The By-me home automation system improves life within the home and simplifies the actions of those who live there; the decorative leather plaques around each electrical device are testament to its ability to adapt and exalt the characteristics of this very unique home.

Published on 26/07/2010

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