Private residence

In the heart of the city. In the late nineteenth century, it housed carriages, horses, and the blacksmith's forge; in the twentieth century, it was a mechanic and car garage; today, after total renovation it has become a luxury residence. This was the evolution of an area of ​​great value, located in a side street of the old centre of Milan, although very little is left of the old neighbourhood to remind us that we are in an area that has been inhabited for many centuries.

The restructuring project honourably maintained the complex surrounded by a wall in which the access gate opens onto the inner courtyard. From here you enter the residence on one side and the houses of the service staff on the opposite side. Inside, within the volumes of the old workshop , a wide and spacious living area has been created, completely open and divided into several functional areas: the entrance overlooking a tropical garden enclosed by glass surfaces on all four sides and a skylight on the roof, to recreate the appropriate climate and the brightness; the living room which can transform into a dining room; a lounge area with a home entertainment corner where, from the comfort of the soft leather sofas, you can lose yourself in the music emanating from a state of the art Digital Dolby stereo system or immerse yourself in digital broadcasts and DVDs with images flowing across the large plasma screen.

But the most luxurious part is behind a glass wall, controlled by an infrared switch which gives a glimpse of the pool in the shape of a treble clef, with adjoining sauna and fitness room. Finally, a side access leads to the bright and functional kitchen, which receives light from the courtyard and reveals an ancient olive tree through the glass door, planted near the perimeter wall and with polychrome flowers and other plants completing the scene.

The aesthetic choice with regard to the electrical system is delightful: charcoal grey buttons and controls and black chrome plaques enhance the strict and defined lines of the "Classic" range of the Idea series.

Home automation system inside the residence allows quick and easy management of the different environments: control of lights and blinds, with all the different scenarios that such a large house warrants and with all the possible duplications of commands so they are always available; control of the operation of powerful air-conditioning system, which, given the size of the dwelling and the enormous exposed walls, must be capable of providing maximum comfort in summer and in winter and achieve desired temperatures in relatively little time. In addition to the comprehensive management, local timer thermostats allow separate climate control in each room.
Idea offers over two hundred functions to choose from, to live this splendid residence to its fullest: a home which is at once efficient, organised, functional and intelligent.


System design and installation: Silvestri Ingegneria&Impianti, Milano
Home automation system: By-me
Series: idea

Published on 16/10/2006

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