Wide open spaces and low power consumption, a winning combination

A stone's throw from the imposing medieval walls still almost intact, surrounding the centre of a small but charming town of the laborious Venetian province.

This is the privileged position in which there is a modern residence, whose sober and essential architectural lines are enhanced by the black marble covering part of the façade.
A house designed and engineered using the latest technological innovations, but where you encounter certain small details that shed insight into how the owners wanted to give life to an environment where modernity and tradition live together in the right mix.

We are greeted by a refined home, inside of which are the light colours of the walls in Venetian stucco and the floors all in natural brushed oak.  The light abundantly penetrates the large French windows all around the living area, fully enhancing the large open spaces, all of which still managing to boast low energy consumption as one of its features. The details immediately give it away: Double glazed low-emissivity windows maintain a constant temperature inside the house, with the windows situated to fully exploit the external sunlight coming in.

But this is only one of the measures taken. The house is, in fact, fitted with a double heating system – traditional and geothermal/solar – diffused through a radiant floor system providing uniform climate control throughout the house. An automatic air recirculation system circulates air at constant temperatures and ensures a uniform, humidity-free climate in every corner of the house.

Large spaces and consumption  optimisation, a combination which at first glance may seem risky, but not in this case thanks to the highly innovative system technologies installed. In such an articulate context, the By-me home automation system by Vimar plays a vital role in its ability to coordinate all the facilities of the house while offering well-being and energy savings. Within the residence, in fact, every function is controlled by the home automation system that, among other things, is able to activate the traditional heating system only when the heat produced by the geothermal and photovoltaic systems is not sufficient.

Low power consumption, but also functionality and ease of use. A single touch of the large colour displays of one of the several 4.3-inch touch screens in various locations around the house will immediately call up the different areas in which the house has been divided, and for which the lighting and the desired temperature in each can be centrally controlled. The temperature which can in any case be changed locally by two thermostats: one for the traditional heating and the other for renewable energy system, positioned in each room.
Further advantage in terms of functionality is provided by the Vimar application for Windows Media Center, allowing control of automation systems, lighting and climate directly from the PC or even through the TV screen, with no need to get up from the sofa.

Decorating all the devices in the home are the white ice coloured crystal plates of the Eikon series that frame all the devices in the home, integrating perfectly with the light tones around the house.
An environment that can be further customised through different combinations of functions of the electrical devices. We're talking about the scenarios. The "Entrance" scenario, for instance, opens the driveway gate and the garage door and automatically turns on the lights. "Exit", on the other hand, switches off all the lights, closes the blinds and sets the climate control in "standby" mode, thus avoiding those annoying uncertainties that often beset us when we do not remember if we did all these things before leaving the house.  Finally the "Evening" scenario establishes an intimate and relaxing atmosphere inside while the outside lighting gives life to charming plays of light.

Apart from the several touch screens, the scenarios can be set and adjusted from both the home automation control unit – the true heart of the whole system – and the automation buttons in various locations around the house.

The By-me technology makes life easier for owners even when they are away from home.  In fact, the Vimar By-phone software can manage all the functions in the home directly from your phone, which for example offers the possibility to remotely set the temperature or adjust the lighting for individual rooms or the whole house.


Building design: Architect Gianni Toffanello
Electrical system design: Studio Poggiana, Cittadella (PD)
System installation: Basso Impianti Elettrici, Carmignano di Brenta (PD)
Home automation system: By-me
Series: Eikon

Published on 18/11/2010

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