The thousand souls of home automation

Comfort, quality, beauty, design, but also sustainability, low environmental impact and reduced consumption. These are all the hallmarks of this villa in the province of Pordenone. A home that fully reflects modern living trends.

Right from the outset, the owners aimed to privilege functional settings but with a keen eye on aesthetics: the ideal of well-being inside the home had to match the need for a comfortable, liveable setting that was beautiful to look at and to show off. This not only meant designing spaces to meet practical everyday needs, but also equipping them with a range of devices to make their time at home, alone or with friends, as pleasant as possible.

In this sense, two factors above all played a fundamental role: lighting and heating. Both were based on a specific study. All the light sources are LED, with plenty of spotlights arranged strategically to enhance the furnishings, while the heating is based on a hybrid system combining renewable and conventional sources, able to ensure widespread comfort throughout the home.

Technology plays a key role in the home, and ensures that all the different aspects run smoothly together. How? The answer is By-me, Vimar's home automation system.

With a sophisticated yet simple and user-friendly technology, in this case By-me ensures the dialogue between the home automation, video door entry and CCTV systems, coordinating the control, comfort, energy efficiency and safety both inside and outside the home.

This integrated management system allows the owners to blend aesthetics and functionality with no compromises, optimising costs and consumptions and managing all the gestures of everyday living - from the smallest to the most important - simply and intuitively.

The great advantage offered by the Vimar home automation system is precisely that of centralised management. Raising or lowering awnings and roller shutters, setting the climate, managing the lighting and sound system, controlling entry points, viewing the CCTV camera images or external video door entry units. The owners can control all these functions from a single console, the elegant 10" Full Flat multimedia video touch screen installed in the bedroom. The centralised supervision of all applications drastically simplifies home automation control and helps to economise on time and resources.

The system is managed even more intelligently with the scenarios, special customised combinations of the different home functions that can be recalled at a touch: when leaving home, for example, simply tap the touch screen and the By-me home automation system automatically places the temperature in standby, lowering the roller shutters and switching on the intrusion detection system, avoiding pointless and costly forgetfulness and guaranteeing full security.

In addition to a single point of management, all the functions can also be controlled locally, room by room: simply by adjusting the various home automation controls, each room will adapt perfectly to your desires, whatever the occasion or the need.

Also here, the possibilities of the Vimar home automation will not cease to amaze: using the Web server, the supervision and control of the different functions can also be managed remotely. Via the Internet or using smartphones, the owners remain constantly in touch with their home. A direct line, offering you peace of mind all the time: the intrusion detection system reports the entry of any unauthorised persons into the home, whether you're in or out, and if you're out it will send an alarm message directly to your phone. The video surveillance system watches over the whole home using the Elvox high definition cameras, in a range of sizes, installed both inside and outside, working in any environmental condition: during the day, at night, and even with a total absence of light. The images can be recorded and watched later, using the Elvox DVR or watched live from any connected touch screen or smartphone, using the Vimar By-web app.

In this home, where everything has been designed right down to the finest detail, the video door entry system also provides a perfect, high-definition image of what's going on outside the building. Through the dialogue between the Elvox external panel and the touch screens inside, which in this case act as indoor stations, the owners always have a perfect view of the person at the door.

Just like the various touch screens, all Vimar control devices inside the home are framed with Diamond White Crystal Eikon Evo cover plates, while the choice outside was for Arctic White Eikon Total Look cover plates.

Two different finishes, each with their own style, but sharing a common denominator: the ability to fully enhance the beauty of the electrical system.




Home automation system: By-me

Residential series: Eikon Evo, Eikon Total Look

System installation: QM Impianti - Bannia di Fiume Veneto (PN)

Published on 01/08/2014

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