The retreat of a Milanese manager

In the Venetian plains bordered by the historical presence of the Piave River and a few kilometers from the sea, is the retreat of a manager from Milan: a building designed in the shape of a "C" that is impossible not to notice; discreet, but at the same time very elegant, and it bears the signature of Vimar with its By-me home automation system. The building was designed by studio Globarch – Architettura Integrale di Treviso (Comprehensive/total Architecture of Treviso) founded by architect Ermenegildo Anoja, whose aim is to adopt various disciplines such as Bioarchitecture, Bioclimates, Feng Shui and Geobiology to create environments that are the synthesis of an "existential space", respectful of the environment and focused on energy conservation.

The result is a refined green building, designed to the smallest detail and built with environmentally friendly materials, and independent with respect to energy due to the decision to install a geothermal system integrated with solar panels. The central semi patio of the building, offers extra protection from the cold and wind during the winter months, and is designed to take advantage of the solar gain with the opening at the southern end; on the other hand, in the early summer afternoon hours, this area is the most shaded area of the house, and this has a positive effect of the rooms facing onto it.

On the cocciopesto (lime and clay composite) walls left almost completely bare, the regularity of the Eikon shapes stand out without disturbing the minimalist style of the entire house. The model chosen was the decisive and elegant "Classic" plaque, in galvanised metal coloured Satin Nickel, with controls in the charcoal grey variant.

Next to the door, the By-me home automation control unit can be programmed to accept a variety of possible scenarios: different combinations of settings of electrical equipment forming a desired overall effect which are called up when required with a single gesture. The adjustment of the lights and the ignition of the fireplace, the insertion of the intruder alarm system and the assurance of also being protected from internal dangers (gas and water leaks) and overloads, the automatic activation of specific functions and video door entry intercoms can all be controlled with just a few commands, creating a totally new home experience. The home automation system allows the creation of intelligent housing inside of which people move with certainty, controlling various devices from the control unit or via remote control. In the sleeping area, the By-me system is particularly useful for the management of curtains and fly screens, closing or opening skylights and controlling the lights. The Vimar design coordinates perfectly with different environments; buttons and controls are backlit and engraved with the symbol of the function they represent. Plasma screens, also controllable through By-me, are everywhere; also, presence detectors are positioned in different strategic locations for the alarm system and for the activation of the small passage lamps which illuminate each step of the stairs connecting the living area with the lower floor.

Every space and every detail are part of a chorus where nothing is left to chance, the result of painstaking choices regarding the quality of the products and the architectural solutions led to the creation of a home that was just perfect from its very conception.


Architectural design: Architetto Ermenegildo Anoja
System design: Ingegnere Stefano Melato
System installation: Systems Expert Gianluca Bobbo
Home automation system: By-me
Series: Eikon

Published on 30/03/2010

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