Fruit of the owner's passion for furnishings and design, this apartment – located between the beautiful Val d'Orcia and the vineyards of Montepulciano – is a perfect example of style and elegance.

The custom-made furniture has the task of decorating the interiors with a colour scheme made chiefly of dark and light. The coexistence between classic and modern elements is immediately visible, just as some design elements appear instantly recognizable: the Gufram stool which reproduces a golf ball, or the two lamps in the Campari series by Ingo Maurer, but also the Frau armchairs or Fendi rug. The interior design project, by New Abitare, has been studied in every detail: from the cherry wood furniture with glossy black finishes to the unusual bathroom walls with a black plaster finish that reproduces a split slate effect, which is pleasant both to touch and see.

In this context Vimar offers sophisticated, user-friendly By-me technology: the home automation system that integrates and simplifies multiple function management. Lighting, HVAC, electric loads, roller shutters, speaker system. It can all be controlled from a single point – locally or remotely via a tablet or smartphone – thanks to a single technology. For the owner, home automation has become indispensable because it is capable of ensuring comfort and functionality, but also optimizing consumption.

With Vimar's Multimedia video touchscreen positioned next to the entrance door you can control the entire dwelling, regulating the HVAC and lighting as preferred or calling up scenarios, special combinations of lighting, HVAC and music. The "Entry" scenario, for example, commands switching on the lights and opening the curtains to reveal the presence of the hills beyond the windows; the "Evening" scenario, instead, shows off the lighting arrangement. Just like the temperature in the various rooms, the speaker system, too, can be set and monitored. Radio, iPod, CD player, Bluetooth: you can select your favourite track using the system's interfacing with various devices.  For example, the songs can be selected directly on your iPod, which can be connected via a docking station.

With the Vimar home automation system, no energy is wasted: consumption control is constant, its distribution is intelligent and there are substantial savings. While the owner tells us about his home and shows how easy it is to manage it with By-me, he stresses the fundamental role of the load control option, especially in the case of an apartment such as this one, with 3 kW of maximum consumption and very high power absorption due to the various accessories. A maximum power draw was then set and if this limit is exceeded By-me automatically cuts off non-priority loads according to a previously set order. In case of need, for example, the power supply to the washing machine, dishwasher and other non-priority appliances will be cut off first. In this way the system prevents annoying power outages while ensuring automatic load reactivation after thirty seconds.

This is a dwelling that never ceases to surprise. After crossing the threshold separating the day zone from the night zone, you find a real gem: alluring at first sight, the lines of the Eikon Tactil control devices make a smooth, bright glass surface come alive, capable of further enhancing the interiors. Beneath this stylish material there are the Vimar home automation controls. As soon as you touch them, a proximity sensor detects someone is near the device and activates backlighting, so activating them takes just a light touch, which the refined touch technology transforms into direct energy control.

The exclusivity of Tactil is combined with the lines of Eikon. Forms designed to be noticed, sizes which delicately stand out on walls, an ultra-slim profile. Eikon Evo cover plates give importance to the quality of the materials and their workmanship, they enhance the buttons and commands with a chromed frame that emphasizes the two versions: crystal with a bronze mirror colour in the day zone, dressed stone with a split slate finish in the bathrooms. While the former enchant with their brightness, the stone cover plates give ample demonstration of all their strength while perfectly matching the shade of the walls.

Spaces, furnishings and home automation devices thus form a perfect combination, the fruit of their young owner's passion and commitment. And this passion has been able to count on something as useful as it is beautiful to look at: Vimar's sophisticated By-me technology.

Published on 05/03/2015

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