Two souls, one technology

In Puglia there is a city that overlooks two seas. A city where the old and the new meet, and yet continue to remain separate . Between Mare Grande and Mare Piccolo, this centre with an ancient seafaring tradition is divided between the old town, which is situated on an island, and the contemporary and industrial annex on the mainland. The liaison between these two vastly different souls is a swing bridge that passes over a channel.
On second thought, however, perhaps it is thanks to this very distinct separation that the cohabitation between medieval heritage and modern reality is happier here than in many other places where the architectural fabric is distorted to the detriment of the old.

A phenomenon of coexistence between the old and the new that is reflected in a number of prestigious houses along the city's waterfront which take from the legacy of a glorious architectural past and transform it into an equally fascinating present. Among these, one in particular catches the eye. A prestigious residence built on the remains of an ancient building, tailored to meet the needs of the two generations of the same family who live there. Arranged over four floors, this villa stands out for its beauty.

The building consists of two separate units which share a communal living area where you can spend pleasant moments of relaxation. Nothing is left to chance here, and there is even an internal lift which allows you to move between the four floors with ease.
To have the best: this was the imperative that drove the choice of every piece of furniture, every material, every object that makes up this home. And this was also the reasoning behind the choice of the Eikon Evo home series and the Vimar By-me home automation system, which was entrusted with the task of controlling multiple functions and integrating the various components of the electrical system.
Blending perfectly into these environments, one can discern the beautiful buttons, controls and home automation devices of the Eikon Evo series, which are framed in crystal plaques in a white diamond colour. Charming , refined and unique, these plaques enchant for their elegant shapes which highlight their ultra thin profile and essential details.

And if Eikon Evo enriches environments with its elegance, space management is ensured by the By-me home automation system which improves and renders moments spent in the home even more pleasant, thanks to the coordination of various functions. Chosen for the fact that it was the best solution, the Vimar home automation system comprehensively and intelligently manages all the installed devices; it in fact demonstrates the amazing possibilities offered by a technology that is able to combine simplicity and innovation to improve the quality of daily life. Control, comfort, security, energy saving and communication are well integrated into a single technology that grows over time and is able to adapt to the ever-changing needs of the inhabitants of these spaces.

Each environment thus becomes customisable. Simply tap the screen of the Multimedia video touch screen and in a few moments you can call up a different combination of temperature, lighting and comfort presets for every room of the house, configured according to daily needs or personal preferences. Equipped with an ultra-flat screen and high resolutions, the Multimedia video touch screen provides a perfect picture of everything that happens inside and outside the building. Positioned at various points in the house, this elegant device which is almost a piece of home furniture lets you control your entire house: lights, climate control, automation, and audio –  everything is just a touch away and easily managed through simple and intuitive monitoring pages. Thanks to its web interface via LAN, you can use Internet services such as Internet radio, check the weather or access news headlines published on the internet. The integration with the Web Server allows you to control the By-me home automation system remotely via PC, tablet or latest generation smartphones.

In this home with its large environments, fuel consumption and costs are optimised without having to sacrifice comforts. The Energy Guard function records accurate information on energy consumption – instantaneous or over a given time range – displaying real-time data on both the temperature of the different environments and the energy profile of the entire building on the Full Flat video touch screen. Equipped with a wide screen with touch technology, as well as overseeing all the internal operations, this device also functions as a video door phone which allows occupants to greet guests in a wonderful fashion. Moreover, via the video touch, the By-me technology allows control of the lighting throughout the home for each room as well as for the beautiful terrace with the swimming pool, and to activate the external sprinklers or choose a particular song on the sound system or call up preset scenarios and events.

While the automation button controls still allow local control of the lighting and the automation devices. Positioned carefully, the plaques highlight the shapes of the furniture and illuminate the architectural details of the residence in a fascinating play of light.  

So – here where everything has been designed for the control of comfort, security, energy saving and communication – By-me has the impeccable performance characteristics to meet the many needs of the family. Private spaces and common areas can thus be lived to the fullest, making this residence a special place, where the proximity to the sea provides an energy that has no equal.


Home automation system: By-me
Home series: Eikon Evo
System design: Ing. Simone Mairo, Taranto
System installation: N.D. Electrical Systems, Taranto

Published on 13/05/2013

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