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Jesolo Lido, just a few kilometres from the magical Venice, with its 15 kilometres of beach sand and 80,000 beds, hosts more than 10 million tourists annually who spend their holidays between nature excursions in the pinewood and in lagoon valleys, going to modern nightclubs, public squares, and the shops of Via Bafile, the longest pedestrian street in Europe.

Right in the middle, a wonderful recently renovated villa sits perfectly among the hotels and summer homes. It is a modern home, sober and elegant, with attention given to every detail and able to combine aesthetics with the functionality needed in a home with children.

Inside, the villa accommodates devices designed and manufactured by Vimar. The choice was initially principally emotional: what the owners wanted was a top of the range home series which offered a wide range of equipment and accessories. A quality product able to blend with the environments in a natural and non-invasive way, without being too conspicuous. i.e.: Eikon Next.

The metal plaques are in the soft and inviting design of the Round model in the colour silver, as with the buttons and controls, all backlit or laser engraved with the symbols of their function. Various devices were installed to meet their various needs: like the pull out torches in all the rooms which can provide small and portable  emergency lighting at any time; thermostats for climate control; the gas detector in the kitchen that indicates any losses with audible and visual alarms; or presence sensors which automatically turn on lights when people pass.

In Jesolo, Vimar can be found in many of the facilities offering a total of 82 thousand beds for as many as 5.8 million tourist arrivals each year, as well as in the homes of the 23 thousand residents. All this is possible thanks to the work of many professionals, technical studios and installers, who carefully commission and maintain these systems with passion and dedication. The "on-call electrical assistance" service reaches its peak during the summer months, ensuring rapid assistance and availability 24 hours a day, including holidays. When choosing Vimar electrical systems, clients know they can count on the reliability of the products and the efficiency of the customer service.


Client: Eurocostruzioni (Jesolo Lido)
System installation: Comin Impianti, Jesolo
Series: Eikon

Published on 06/11/2006

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