Private home

A modern house, minimalist but cosy, alternating classic choices and materials such as wood with details that are decidedly more contemporary. The most impressive example of the attention to detail is in the handmade flooring fired in the furnace of the owner, according to a traditional craft and a workmanship of great prestige.

Alessio, owner of this villa in Gonzaga, together with his brothers represent the third generation owners of Fornace Brioni, a company that for nearly a hundred years has produced handmade floor and wall coverings not only for the restoration of cultural heritage sites, such as museums, churches and antique building, but also for modern villas, bringing a centuries-old art to modern manufacturing.

For the flooring of his house, Alessio obviously opted for the most unique and rare type of flooring: a handmade terracotta floor, honed and rectified for a no-grout effect which would match the modern décor, in the sleeping area on the first floor, terracotta parquet panels laid lengthways. Floors of great effect, made by connoisseurs.

The house oscillates between modern technology and antique furnishings. Wall heating, for total well-being and a balanced distribution of heat, the outer walls are insulated with cork and natural lime for maximum energy efficiency, carefully selected furnishings, LED lighting artfully arranged spotlights for interesting effects both in the home in the garden.

The interior of the house just had to have a home automation system: the By-me system improves the management of the dwelling, incorporating lighting control, climate control, home automation, security, electrical load control and video intercoms. Thanks to the "scenarios", the owners of the villa can adjust the various domestic environments from a single point and with a few gestures, thus removing the need to wander around the house to make sure all the lights have been turned off, for example. Able to perfectly complement the latest interior design styles, yet functional and comfortable, all the Vimar devices are finished in elegant and refined design of the Eikon series: tear drop shaped black ice crystal plaques, buttons and controls in charcoal grey, over two hundred functions available and the By-me home automation system.


Architectural design: Architect Marco Raimondi
System design and installation: Elettrozeta Snc, Gonzaga (MN)
Flooring: Fornace Brioni, Gonzaga (MN)
Home automation system: By-me
Series: Eikon

Published on 19/07/2007

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