Sober elegance

Simple design, wide spaces and high technology: these are the main features of this villa, the new home of a young married couple. Inside, the Plana version of the By-me home automation system best interprets the desired simple and functional style.
Located amongst a picturesque backdrop of historic buildings, glimpses of medieval towers and green gardens, the structure has recently undergone major restructuring involving both the interior and the exterior. As you enter, you are greeted by an environment that exudes well-being and harmony from the first moment. The design is young and functional, dominated by simple, clean lines and the resolute white colour of all the walls. Few interior doors, replaced by many openings, in an expression of the modern architectural concept that emphasises unity and synthesis of space, favouring the liveability of interiors. A minimalist look that is also repeated in furniture which is simple and modern, and in the technology which is present in all the rooms but with discretion: it is an authentic expression of the By-me system.

The Vimar By-me system in the Plana home series signifies functionality and aesthetics servicing everyday life and, thanks to the snow white Reflex plaques, manages to tie the innovation of home automation in with the style of the house. The control unit placed at the entrance of the residence is used to manage the video door entry system and the home automation functions including the intrusion detection system, the climate control system and the automatic shutters, which are raised or lowered automatically depending on the weather outside. In the spacious central living area, a wall of exposed brickwork in a light shade features a modern square dark wood fireplace and a plasma TV. Above, the lights can be adjusted automatically using dimmers, allowing for pleasant plays of chiaroscuro and interactions with the natural glow from the outside. A moderate but decisive style that renders the entire home comfortable and familiar, adapted to the way of life of a young and dynamic couple. The extreme synthesis of the minimalist Plana design intervenes in the most appropriate way to bring the best of technological efficiency in everyday life reverberating throughout the house.


System Installation: systems expert  Gasparotto Manuel (Bassano del Grappa, VI)
Home automation system: By-me
Series: Plana

Published on 02/04/2010

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