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Bounded by the two branches of Lake Como, Brianza is one of the most industrialised regions of Italy, and it is here, in the municipality of Ronco Briantino, that Domus Project has constructed a completely automated  villa thanks to the installation of Vimar equipment. Domus Project is a consulting, design and installation company for home automation systems which has seen increased demand for this type of system over the last ten years due to the increasing needs of end users.

"Finally," says Andrea Bertin, Sales Manager for Domus Project, "people now realise that home automation is not a solution limited to a few exclusive luxury residences, but the cost of these proven technologies are plummeting and are therefore viable substitutes for any traditional system, providing services and functions that cannot be offered by the older technologies."

Inside the villa, a By-me home automation system has been installed, complete with all the features: safety, comfort, energy saving, communication and video intercoms integrated into a system that helps those who live out their daily routines in the house.

The system is easy to manage even for those who do not have any particular technological expertise, thanks to the intuitive By-me menu; here, various settings are programmed for the lighting and climate control, for example, energy consumption can be monitored, curtains, shutters, doors and gates activated, as well as the alarm, for total control of the house.

The By-me system, aesthetically coordinated with elegant Eikon Round series satin gold plaques enhance the villa and increase comfort and the value of the house: the home automation system is in fact quite different to conventional systems, ensuring a significant advantage over the rest of the real estate market in the area.


Project management and design: Domus Project, Carugo (CO)
System installation: Todarello Antonio, Lissone (MI)
Home automation system: By-me
Series: Eikon

Published on 06/02/2007

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